About Blue Hills

Blue Hills Stock Trailers are designed to give you years of trouble free use. Our 5 year structural guarantee is the best the market has to offer in confidence and design.

The best trailer design is a combination of durability, strength, and lightweight with a lasting finish at a fair price.  Comparing options and prices with put Blue Hills Trailers at the top of your list, so call us before you buy.  And, with leasing options available, purchasing your new trailer is more convenient than ever.

Our unibody design keeps the weight to a minimum without jeopardizing structural integrity or durability. The solid weld construction, including roof seams, adds strength and does away with stress points. The unibody designs also means no inside ledge along the floor holding corrosive wastes against side sheets and reducing structural and cosmetic appearance.

All of our trailers are sandblasted inside and out, then the bottom 24″ is zinc coated and stone guarded before the industrial epoxy is applied. We then add 2 coats of Endura topcoat, which has proven to be the toughest polyurethane topcoat we have come across, and has been on blue hills trailers for over 10 years.

The proven “V” nose gooseneck has been a leader in the industry for 30 years with the aerodynamics for ease of pulling, fuel economy, and reducing weight off the tow vehicle.

We build a full line of gooseneck designs and shapes, and our line of larger fifth wheels has also proven to be strong on the market and second to none for a strong, light alternative to most of the heavier designs we run into. Our standard features cover most general applications, but can tailor to your needs.

A 16 gauge solid weld roof and 14 gauge sides with the 4 heavy rib design has proven very solid, and is also solid welded, as are all the structural seams on our trailers. A 12 gauge side is optional, but rarely justifies the added weight. Fenders and venting as well as gusseting and goosenecks are minimum 12 gauge but can go as high as 3/16 wall on the large cattle haulers.

The floors have 16″ centers on 3 inch channel crossmembers, as to not trap moisture, topped off with a Douglas Fir floor.  Steel floors are optional, and standard on some trailers, but we feel the wood deck is usually a better choice. The framing is 3×5 angle, 1/4 inch thick, and solid welded along the bottom of the side walls, to do away with the corrosion lines that tend to creep in over the years. The self guiding hitch on the ball applications works well and makes the hook up a snap.

Our wiring runs in steel tubing under the roof, down to the brake boxes and lights. From the axles runs a high flex 1/2 inch cable to protect the wiring. LED lighting, full rubber rear bumper, and tow hook come standard, as do the full length side vent closures. The interior gates are slam lock, and the rear doors are full swing with our reliable half slider that runs on top rollers. Heavy front stone guard and front fender guards are also part of the package .