Trailers - Ground Load

42' x 8.6'  with calf nose

This is just one of the larger trailers and offers calf room in the nose with the help of a folding ramp.

The beauty of this is the larger floor space and still pasture loading.  It offers superior durability on gravel and in the pasture, taking advantage of the tandem tractors which are commonly available and being used more and more for the average operation.

3 Stage Air Ride
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This is an example of the 3 stage which is becoming so popular for pasture loading with larger capacity. The one shown here is double deck as an extra.

Both versions have air release, low profile 22.5 tires, 50,000 capacity, tool box,
40,000 2 stage jacks, 4 gates, and have ABS brakes on one axle.  Also features slam lock gates, full vent closures, interior lights, and a 16 to 18 inch loading height when dumped.

Call for a quote for a version of this lightweight design to suit your needs.